“Bad Captain Swag” F. Lil B & Pictureplane

    When Sole announced his third album with the Skyrider Band two months ago, it came with the news that he would be joined on the mic by several like-minded vocalists. We’re talking guys like Ceschi, Sage Francis, and Noah 23, who all share the former anticon. mainstay’s left-field vision in one way or another.


    But when we saw that he was collaborating with the Based God himself, Lil B, it’s safe to say we were nothing short of floored. He appears on the appropriately named “Bad Captain Swag,” a deceptive head-nodding joint featuring Pictureplane on the hook. This is pretty much an indie music lover’s wet dream and, somewhat surprisingly, works really, really well. A big reason for that is the Skyrider Band’s production, which provides Sole, Based God, and Pictureplane with a thick and lush atmosphere to glide over.


    Stream the track below. Hello Cruel World drops July 19.


    Sole and the Skyrider Band “Bad Captain Swag” feat. Lil B & Pictureplane by sole…