“Backlines” (Video)

    Stars’s music videos have always contained some melodrama – we’re talking about the band who’s most viewed video on Youtube ripped off the famous Charles River scene from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. But today, the Toronto indie pop veterans toned it down in a new video for “Backlines” off their latest album The North.

    The video doesn’t cover much new ground for the group: many of their previous Jonathan Vardi-directed videos feature band members framed by boxes, picture frames or windows as this one does. However, this common visual aesthetic works just as well for “Backlines” as it did for previous singles “Sleep Tonight” and “The Night Starts Here.” The video capitalizes on the song’s wartime analogies and earnest, nostalgic pop to create a miniature vintage battlefield, emphasizing both the playful and dark images conveyed by the lyrics and melody. While not particularly groundbreaking stuff, kudos to Stars for finding a formula that works, and sticking to it.