“Back To Basics” (Unreleased)

    It wouldn’t make sense to end the year without an unreleased Lana Del Rey song popping up. LDR’s output felt comparable to even some of the most prolific hip-hop artists in 2012 and so it’s only fitting we get one more track a few days before the year is up. 

    “Back to Basics” won’t change the mind of her detractors, especially with lines like: “Everybody’s saying you’re no good for me / Your friends all swear that you changed / But I still keep it O.G.” But there’s also no denying how catchy the song is and you’ll likely find yourself singing along, despite the fact it seems tailor made to soundtrack a rom-com in the near future.

    Listen to “Back to Basics” below and feel free to love/hate the song in our comments. [HT]