“AtTENTion” (Stream)

    M.I.A. kept a relatively low profile in 2012 and only released one song, “Bad Girls” back in January. Seemingly out of nowhere today the song “AtTENTion” was leaked. Allegedly M.I.A. sent the song out to a fan after a group of her followers persisted on hearing new music. 

    Although it’s not quite as infectious as past releases, “AtTENTion” is still a stellar track from Maya with her trademark sharp delivery and lyrics:

    “The fullest attempt in my intent is to let you know what is important / My existence is militant cause my content bangs like it’s potent / Distant to the pollutant, never hesitant, always consistent”

    M.I.A.’s upcoming Mathangi is scheduled for release in 2013, but there’s no word on whether “AtTENTion” will be featured on the album. [UTR]