“Atlantis Purge” (Prefix Premiere)

    Here’s something for your midday trance. The two halves of Zombi, Steve Moore and Majeure aka A.E. Paterra, are prepping a split called Brainstorm, which will be out on Feb. 7.  The release, which we’re told to think of as “an alternate reality version of OutKast’s Speakerboxxx/The Love Below,” will feature a side from each member’s solo project; Moore spreads his work over four tracks while his partner goes for a single song spread across three movements.

    Here, we’ve got Majeure’s contribution, “Atlantis Purge,” a 20-minute track that sounds like the score to a film narrated by Isaac Asimov. Or an episode of Through the Wormhole. Basically, it’s pretty spacey. The loads of synths build and crash and ultimately roll back into themselves, creating a circular texture that both welcomes you and warns you. It’s calming, but the length of the track allows for plenty of subtle changes in tone that keep the music fresh and moving forward. Its climax, which appears just before the 16-minute mark, fittingly reflects the song’s title as well. And it is the drumming, especially, that will assist listeners in visualizing the slow collapse of an underwater kingdom. Listen to Majeure’s “Atlantis” below, and look for Brainstorm, out on Temporary Residence, when it drops.