‘Astronaut Status’ (Mixtape)

    Future is one of the weirdest stories of the past year or so. For one, I thought everyone decided that Auto-Tune, his choice vocal effect, is the worst. And Atlanta resident doesn’t even really use it to sing or rap. He just sort of, well, mumbles his way through songs with this odd, albeit completely melodic, sing-song approach that most of us probably would have hated on five years ago.

    But now that the former king of Auto-Tune, T-Pain, is all but forgotten — yes, he’s still around but not nearly as relevant — I guess we’re all ready to embrace a dude like Future. And why not? We all need some good mindless music once in a while and his ability to craft catchy-as-fuck tracks is undeniable. Anyway, Future’s Astronaut Status mixtape serves as the holdover for his debut album, Pluto, which is due out soon. You can download the tape at Live Mixtapes.

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