‘Art Dealer Chic Vol. 2’ (EP)

    It was just one month ago today that R&B singer-songwriter Miguel shared his latest project, a free three-track EP by the name of Art Dealer Chic. It came with the promise of two sequels, the second of which dropped late last night. It’s another three-track affair from Los Angeles native, who again hops across genres here.

    “Arch n Point” is a more sex-driven, straightforward R&B jam while “…ALL” is a moody, soaring joint accentuated by burbling synthesizers and huge vocals. And as for “Broads”? It’s a chance for all you rappers out there to jump on a track with Miguel, which he says himself 33 seconds into it.

    Chances are Miguel is probably teasing us with these releases and using them as appetizers for his next full-length album. At least, hopefully that’s the case, because dude really had some gems on 2010’s All I Want Is You

    You can download the second Art Dealer Chic EP here.