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Ariel Pink: Various Tracks (Live on A>D>D) (Video)


There hasn't been an episode of Pitchfork TV's A>D>D as weird as this one with Ariel Pink. Pink demands on having his own camera to film Pitchfork TV filming him, and he dons a wireless head mic most often favored by dancing R&B singers. Ariel Pink performed the broken synth pop of "I Can't Hear My Eyes" (above), "Flashback" (first below) and "22 Eyes" (second below).




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Ariel Pink

"I Can't Hear My Eyes" is a great pop song. I actually think some of his songs ("Every Night I Die at Miyagis," "Helen," "Alisa") could be huge hits if they were recorded differently. Ariel should try to farm his stuff out to Britney or Lady Gaga.

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