“Architecture” F. MURS (Prod. Belief) (Video)

    In his new music video for “Architecture,” Kyle Rapps—a rapper who has had deep involvement in spoken word poetry—both reminds his audience of his roots while at the same time not letting go of the more progressive and philosophical approach the rapper is turning toward.  He does this by collaborating with another respected rapper who has also maintained these two sides: MURS. 

    Shot in black-and-white, the video illustrates the beautiful verve of the concrete jungle—New York City.  Most specifically, the entire video is shot in Harlem.  We see Kyle Rapps standing on the elevated platform of the 125th Street 1 Train Station while MURS raps his verse directly underneath it. The video director has taken still-photos of different angles of New York’s prominent architectural landmarks and then shows them at a speed which emulates the fast pace of urban city life. The geometry of each building is sharply emphasized.