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Arcade Fire: "The Suburbs" (Video)


We already knew that Spike Jonze had been working with the Arcade Fire on a video for a track from The Suburbs, and now the results of their collaboration can be viewed. Jonze worked on the title track from the record, which follows a gang of teenagers as they hang out in a (yes, you guessed it) suburb, presumably somewhere in or close to Austin if this piece of sleuthing turned out to be accurate. It lacks much of the visual trickery of Jonze’s prior work, although anyone watching at work should be aware that there’s some fairly NSFW violence toward the end.


[via GvsB]

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Arcade Fire

This is the best music video I've seen since The Wilderness Downtown.

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The more I think about it, the more I realize this video's style is pretty much of a piece with Where the Wild Things Are--he just happens to be shooting normal kids, and not creatures. So, so good.

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