“Apples & Bananas” (Prod. Dave Sitek) (Video)

    “Apples & Bananas” maybe one of the most impressive and weird tunes Asher Roth has come out with.  In the visuals for the newest single off The Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2, it shows a cartoon illustrated scene created by Ryan Maloney of the suburban lifestyle that Mr. Roth is proud of. Asher and his buddy are having a BBQ on a lawn when they both take notice of “the girl next door.”  And so begins a ridiculous attempt to get the jaw-dropping broad’s attention. 

    The chorus shows Asher Roth singing “I like to eat, eat, eat, eat, eat apples and bananas” while we are being shown exaggerated illustrations of the female anatomy.  The visuals and the track display a high level of pure fun.