“Apple Walks” (Video)


    Matt Mondanile, who is Ducktails, just played at the Whartscape Festival in Baltimore this past weekend, and has followed his performance by offering up this heady, nostalgia fueled video for “Apple Walks.” Mondanile probably hates being pigeonholed (is there any musician that doesn’t?), but there’s little doubt that this fits firmly into the ever-growing chillwave scene that looks set to devour 2010 whole.


    There isn’t much here to separate the Ducktails sound from Mondanile’s peers—hazy guitars? Check. A breezy, summery feel? Check. Wistful shots of a guitarist looking off into the distance? Check. A video full of clips shot directly into the sun? Check. “Apple Walks” is certainly pleasant enough, but there’s just not a whole lot going on here that you can’t find on various 7-inch singles, tape releases, or over at Altered Zones.


    [via Pitchfork]