“Appetite To Kill” (Video)

    Even though it’s been out for nearly three weeks, it still feels weird to type that Vakill’s Armor of God is actually out. It’s just that it became one of those albums most hip-hop heads figured would never actually drop. But, obviously, it did. And it contains some pretty goddamn dope tracks, such as previous singles “I Came 4 U” and “Armor of God” and his latest, “Appetite to Kill.” Both the song and its visuals are intimidating and grimy to a point, as they’re paying homage to N.W.A. Director Davy Greenberg has embraced that concept perfectly here while also matching the maniacal vibe of Panik’s production. Damn, now all I want to do is throw on Straight Outta Compton.


    Armor of God is out now.