“Aphrodite” (Prefix Premiere)

    Plenty of electronic music can overstate itself when its creators spend too much time churning out short songs in an attempt to capture subtlety. This really isn’t the case with Phedre‘s “Aphrodite,” a track whose cool opening chords and beachside sound effects are quickly countered by dogs barking on beat.

    Regardless of where the song was actually made, “Aphrodite”–Phedre‘s latest single from their eponymous February debut (out via Daps)–doesn’t read like ‘bedroom’ or ‘headphones’ music. It instead sounds like computer-equipped street performers actively chasing a collective beat. Overall it’s a rather big song, complete with fat claps and a breakdown at 2:40 that’s sure to translate well into live shows. In a word: fun.

    You can download and listen to the intensely catchy “Aphrodite” below.