“Any Steppers”

    South London-based dubstep producer Benga has teamed up with frequent collaborator Skream—this time for a split EP on Scion A/V due out tomorrow (Dec. 6). The release will be available for free over on the Scion website, but “Any Steppers” by Benga can be streamed in the clip below. This is a stealthy track, full of creaky electronics and keyboard lines that sound like they might fall apart at any second. As the track progresses all the textures get more watery, with a heavily treated vocal struggling to guide the song to a place outside the disjointed fusion of beats and analog sounds that predominate.  [FACT]

    Track Listing:

    1. Benga: Any Steppers
    2. Benga: Electro West
    3. Skream: Ice Cream Jelly Roll
    4. Skream: Nefariousa
    5. Skream: Phat Head