“Anti-Pioneer” (Video)

    You gotta love Feist. This is the same artist that hit it big with the internet/mom-friendly video for “1234,” then proceeded to parlay that fame into an interactive song/video with metal maniacs Mastodon

    Last year’s Metals was unfairly maligned in some circles, with many expecting another day-glo explosion like The Reminder. Instead, Feist delivered a slow-burning folk-pop album that dived deep into darkness. It’s an album that requires patience, in the best sense of that phrase, since it rewards listeners that spend time with it.

    Likewise, “Anti-Pioneer” embodies the album’s true essence, and Feist now has a video for the track. Directed by Martin de Thurah, it’s a black-and-white affair, showing Feist enacting the song’s alone-at-3-am-vibes. She might envision herself as something of an anti-pioneer, but Feist is anything but. Watch it below.