“Another One”

    It was only a matter of time before Rick Ross and Diddy joined forces to create a new act. Calling themselves the Bugatti Boyz, these two mainstreamers have chosen to premiere their newfound duo with “Another One.” And, just as you might expect, it goes pretty hard in terms of the production, which is littered with hi-hats, sirens, and absurd bass. But — and this is also not much of a shock — it’s lyrical fluff as the Diddy and the Bawse spit about women, cars, money, etc… Nothing terribly new or exciting here, except for the fact it appears that Diddy has a new ghostwriter. Hearing him do the whole slow-paced Rick Ross delivery is hilarious then increasingly infuriating, even if this track is pretty fun.


    You can hear “Another One” at 2DopeBoyz.