“Another One Down” F. D.A. Wallach

    When he’s not busy palling around with underground producer-rapper Nottz or showing off that he can indeed rap, Asher Roth apparently spends his time ensuring that he can land himself another big college rap single. “Another One Down” isn’t quite as obnoxious or annoying as “I Love College,” but it’s still not up to the stuff we heard on the Rawth EP, for example. It’s understandable, though. Dude still needs to try to churn out radio-friendly hits to make his label (Universal) happy, so that’s why we’re still going to hear cuts like “Another One Down.” That’s not necessarily a knock as it’s a pretty solid pop-rap joint, but we could have done without the hook from D.A. Wallach, of Chester French.


    You can stream the track below. The Spaghetti Tree is due out later this year.