You will never enjoy your life as much as Soulja Boy does, and that’s okay. Not everyone can be a 19-year old millionaire whose only responsibilities are smoking weed, playing videogames and writing raps about whatever pops into his mind. The latest trip from the mind of young DeAndre Cortez Way is “Anime,” a silly banger about the Japanese animation he apparently loves so much. With lines like “Back on the track, it’s the anime master / Hoes on my dick, Cowboy Bebop when I’m blastin” and “Marvel vs. Capcom, Soulja vs. the world / I’m buggin’ on your baby mama, animatin’ her” it’s probably the best ode to glorious Nippon we’ll hear in 2010. It’s hard to imagine he wasn’t ripped out of his gourd when he laid this down; at one point he just starts listing all the Dragon Ball Z characters he looks like. Life is too short not to enjoy it like Soulja does.