“And You Are There” (Video)

    Damon & Naomi with Chris Marker – And You Are There from The Wire Magazine on Vimeo.


    In anticipation of the release of False Beats and True Hearts, out May 17th on 20|20|20, dream-pop duo Damon & Naomi collaborated with Chris Marker, best known for the post-apocalyptic experimental short La Jetée, on a video…of sorts.


    Album track “And You Are There” is just the sort of hazy, shoegazed-tinged folk you’d expect from the ex-Galaxie 500 twosome, inspired by Marker himself — so it ultimately makes sense that Damon & Naomi went directly to the source for a fitting visual accompaniment. Naomi Yang tells Wire how the whole collaboration came about:

    This song is about the way time can compress when you are lost in a memory, something I have learned a lot about from Chris Marker’s work – his films (La Jetée, Sans Soleil), his writing (Immemory), his photographs.

    When the song was finished, I sent it to Chris with a note – since his work had provided inspiration for the song, I wondered, might he in turn have a visual response to it? He sent back this image, with the note:

    “Dunno if it fits your pretty Proustian melancholy, but I thought it could… And thanks for linking me to music, the only real art for me as you know (cinema? you kiddin’…)”

    Marker’s response to the song is less of a video and more an illustration: a single layered, sepia-toned image of a woman and some trees, suiting the music’s languid vintage mood. Or we can just stick with “Pretty Proustian melancholy.”


    Damon & Naomi are currently planning a coast-to-coast tour of the States through May and June in support of False Beats and True Hearts, alongside Amor de Dias (the latest project from the Clientele’s Alasdair Maclean). No dates have been announced as of yet, but we do know that they’ll be accompanied by Japanese psych-rock legend Michio Kurihara (Boris, Ghost) on electric guitar.