“An Old Photo Of Your New Lover” (Baths Remix)

    Will Wiesenfeld might technically be on tour right now as Geotic with Dntel and the One AM Radio, but that doesn’t mean his Baths alias is about to suddenly take a backseat. In fact, Wiesenfeld is performing as Baths here for his remix to the One AM Radio’s “An Old Photo of Your New Lover,” the latest single from the trio’s Heaven Is Attached By A Slender Thread. If their poppier approach isn’t exactly your thing, the Baths remix should make their sound infinitely more palatable. He’s retained the melodic vocals but done enough warbling manipulation to the instrumentation to make it a tune you would expect to hear on the follow-up to last year’s excellent Cerulean.


    You can stream and download the remix at My Old Kentucky Blog.

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