“Am I A Psycho?” F. B.o.B & Hopsin (Video)

    Tech N9ne, who made for one of last year’s best interview subjects, likes to dwell in the, um, darker side of the hip-hop realm. Case in point: his music video for “Am I A Psycho” with guests Hopsin, who just might break through in 2012, and B.o.B. This shit really isn’t a music video at all. It’s more like a slasher flick condensed into a four-minute timeframe without all the blood. So maybe it’s more like a psychological thriller? Anyway, fans of N9ne and his speed-rap narratives are sure to love this, though I’m personally just really digging Bobby Ray’s threads. Who gets that dressed up before acting like a nut? Maybe that’s point. You can watch the video below.