“All Types” F. Str8 Slammin’ Click

    The lyrical content of this new track, “All Types,” from Freddie Gibbs and Str8 Slammin’ Click should sound pretty familiar for anyone who listened to rap radio in 2001. It’s more or less an updated version of Ludacris’ “Area Codes,” minus Nate Dogg’s (R.I.P) hook and the industry-friendly production. While that might make the track seem ready for forehead slaps, “All Types” actually works pretty well. It’s kind of like what you would expect Snoop Dogg to record these days if he wasn’t fully embracing his goofball side. Or Bone Thugs if they could stay reunited for a few weeks and didn’t rap quite so fast.

    You can stream the track below. It stems from DJ Roc’s upcoming Big Bizness: Streets Edition mixtape.

    [Rap Radar]