“All The Sun That Shines”

    Zola Jesus aside, I don’t often get to talk about bands from Madison* that often around here, so I relish this opportunity to hip you to Peaking Lights, a Madison band for not much longer, as they’re heading back out to California. The group specializes in hazy head-knockers, and they’re the art rock band of choice when you’re trying to book a local opener here (I saw them most recently opening for No Age). Pitchfork has a premiere stream of “All the Sun That Shines,” a sunny, tropical rattler that features singer Kenda Smith repeatedly saying “All the sun that shines, shines for you.” You can hear this song in context on Peaking Lights’ new album, 936, which is out now on Not Not Fun.  


    *- Which is where I live, in case you want information about me. I also enjoy pizza.