“All The Shine”

    We’re just about one month away from the release of Donald Glover’s proper debut as rapper Childish Gambino. The record, Camp, features 13 new tracks from the quick-witted, hyper-personal MC, who blends social commentary with comedic wordplay for an intriguing take on a style Lil Wayne helped make famous. You know what I’m talking about: that whole punch line-driven, politically minded thing that made Tha Carter III so damn good.

    Unlike previous Camp single “Bonfire,” “All the Shine” doesn’t swing for the fences energy-wise. Rather, it’s the closest thing to a hip-hop ballad without getting too cornball and it almost sounds like something Frank Ocean would record if he rapped more. What that means is that this could be a radio hit. That is, of course, if Gambino feels like going through the painstaking process of taking out all the profanity. Dude curses. A lot. You can stream the track below. Camp drops Nov. 15 on Glassnote. [OkayPlayer]