All Nightmare Long (Video)


    During Christmas Break last year, I watched the History Channel’s special on the Tugunska explosion in Russia three times in a single day. It wasn’t that the thing was incredibly interesting (no one really knows why there’s a huge freaking crater in Russia, but it might be an asteroid or something), it was more like one of those things to watch instead of just channel surfing and to avoid abject boredom.[more:]


    This video for "All Nightmare Long" won’t ward off boredom– in fact, I’m willing to wager it’ll cause more boredom-related injuries this year than any other music video. First off, the song is like 37 minutes of guitar twiddling (actual run time: eight minutes) , and the video tries to turn the Tugunska explosion into a plot device for making a nation of zombie kitties and zombie people.


    Personally, I find the real explanation for Tugunska more entertaining, and would prefer for a nerdy Rusky fella to explain with a board of toothpicks why it had to be a meteor. The animation in the video is pretty cool, but it gets old at around the four minute mark.  [Stereogum]