“All His Love”

    When you’re 50 Cent, I guess you don’t need to come up with some weekly series of music with a gimmicky hashtag-related name. All you need is a SoundCloud account, a website, and some extremely loyal fans. With all that, you can watch as your music get spread everywhere — Prefix included.


    There’s a reason we have been keeping up with 50, though, and it’s that he has (mostly) been on fire for the past few months. And his latest free, sure-to-end-up-on-a-mixtape track, “All His Love,” continues to fan those flames. It might sound like a typical female-centric tune at first, but it’s actually a pretty decent revelatory look at what tears so many relationships apart.


    Stream the track below.


    50 Cent – All His Love – Freestyle [March 2011] by 50 Cent