“Alien Gonzalez”

    Himanshu Kumar Suri aka Heems of Das Racist just leaked this new track, “Alien Gonzalez,” through his Tumblr. From India, where the Queens, New York rapper was part of the Goa Arts and Literary Festival, Heems Tweeted, “I AWNO WHAT TIME IT IS IN NEW YORK BUT WHASSUP IM IN INDIA I JUS LEAKED “ALIEN GONZALEZ.”  Accompanying the Mike Finito-produced song is the Jan. 17, 2000 cover of Time, which sees a seven-year-old Elian Gonzalez next to the headline, “Where Does He Belong?” (You can read the cover story here). On “Alien,” Heems starts by bringing Gonzalez “to the party with blood on his shirt,” followed by a slew of references–and part of the chorus to Pharoahe Monch’s 1999 hit “Simon Says”–delivered in the fashion he and his Racist crew have become associated with. You can give the percussive track a listen over at Heems’ Tumblr, Nehru Jackets.