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Alicia Keys: Another Way to Die (MP3) ft. Jack White

We no longer have to hear a snippet of the Jack White/Alicia Keys song by watching a Coke Zero commercial.


Here is the duet between Jack White and Alicia Keys for the upcoming James Bond film Quantum of Solace. Initial reports claimed that Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse had recorded the theme for the film.


White and keys recorded the song in Nashville. White plays drums on the track, Keys is on the piano. Thoughts on the track?


Jack White - Another Way To Die ft. Alicia Keys



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Alicia Keys

Been waiting for this for ages, and its everything i could have hoped for. Jack White is amazing as always, and Alicia Keys adds the perfect vocals to this.

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amy winehouse sucks. jack white cant disappoint, especially if mostly the whole song is penned by himself. and alicia keys backing his vox tracks, yeeeaaahh... jack white knew what he was doing when he decided to get her on this song. the man has an ear for this s--t. winehouse aint got s--t on him. so she can just f--k right off cuz this song is better than any song shes ever made.

friend of foo

Sounds like an unfinished demo. A little choppy and rough. Could be a mashup had I not known.

Dan J

I, Alicia's big Fan, really really like it!
guitar riff and alicia's vocals are amazing.
Waiting for the NEW 007 Movie, too.

So yeong

Link is broken!


only stupid english people say that is sh...i think they are jellous that werent english people in that track. for me alicia is the best pop singer in the world!!and together with j.white this have been done very good!"!"!


Calm down natiii. Maybe some people just don't like it. It doesn't make them stupid and English.

P.S. Sort out your grammar.


I think the song is great. It sounds kinda ... unfinished though, but I still like it.


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