“AKA…What A Life!” (Live On Conan) (Video)

    A storm of press about Oasis was brewing in the U.K. while Noel Gallagher was on these shores recently, but here on Conan O’Brien’s show he simply got back to the business of making music again. It seems unlikely that a reunion of his other band will happen in the near future, but don’t count against it at some point. The amount of money the Gallagher siblings could make from such an event is likely to be considerable. While we wait for that inevitable occasion, here’s a version of “AKA…What a Life” from the High Flying Birds album, which is the kind of melancholy song the older Gallagher brother often likes to produce amid the rock & roll bombast of his other tracks. His vocal may be a little off key here, but he just about gets away with it. Check out the performance below.