“Aeon” (Live on Letterman) (Video)

    Antony and the Johnsons are not a likely booking for a late night TV show, and it’s pretty bizarre to see them introduced like every other band (like the All American Rejects, or something) to play those shows. But Letterman is the only place that really makes sense, since he’s had the band on before, and he’s committed to putting all of the New York indie rock bands on his show. Antony made it easy for the band to connect to late night audiences though–he opted to play "Aeon," arguably the most accessible track on his pretty great new LP, The Crying Light. The performance even gets near being described as "forceful" and "rocking"–two words that don’t come up re: Antony very often. 


    The Crying Light is out now via Secretely Canadian. [via The Audio Perv]