“A.D.H.D.” (Video)

    I’m going to say it now: Expect Compton, Calif.’s latest project, Section.80, to show up on a lot of critics’ year-end lists when December rolls around. And in case you’re wondering why that is, you need to check out the visuals for his latest single, “A.D.H.D.” The track itself is one of the finest moments on the album — along with “Fuck Yo’ Ethnicity” and “Rigamortus” — and that will become very clear once the track starts.  “A.D.H.D.” is dark as fuck, but it’s also wholly engaging lyrically and production-wise. It creeps along with muddy drums and bass, which serve as a smoky backdrop for Lamar’s fluid, ever-changing delivery. The same goes for the video, even if it’s a little hard to follow at times.

    Section.80 is out now.


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