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Active Child: "High Priestess" (CFCF Remix)

Pat Grossi, better known as Active Child, didn’t wait long to release his first remix of 2012. “High Priestess” originally surfaced on You Are All I See, which was released in November on Vagrant Records. Here, the Montreal-based DJ and producer CFCF has given the track an overhaul, retaining Grossi’s reed-thin falsetto and tying it to an understated, piston-like beat. It’s an atmospheric reworking, strung up somewhere between classic operatic pop like the Associates and Malcolm McLaren’s interpretation of Madame Butterfly, with generous helpings of ambient-oriented sound shoveled in for good measure. Check it out below. 

Active Child - High Priestess (CFCF Remix) by Vagrant Records

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Active Child

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