Absent Afternoon (Threadless Exclusive) (MP3)

    A t-shirt democracy is in action over on the Threadless website. Users of the site can submit t-shirt designs, which are discussed by the Threadless community over a seven-day period. The mostly popular designs are put into print by Threadless, and the lucky winners receive $2000 in cash and a $500 Threadless gift certificate. In these cash-strapped times, that’s a veritable fortune.

    A design by Threadless user Alex Solis has proved so popular that it’s inspired a song by Tucson alt-rockers Calexico. Solis’ t-shirt, named “Bird Migration,” can be seen here. And just to show that Threadless is among the most generous websites out there, they also gave him a free round-trip ticked to Iceland for his winning design.

    The Calexcio song, titled “Absent Afternoon,” is a typical piece of hazy summery country-rock. It might sound a little out-of-place if you’re currently surrounded by snow and chill-blown winds, but if you close your eyes and think of summer it might just beat away the winter blues.