“A Tear In My I” (Gacha Remix)

    Back in July 2010, “A Tear in My Eye” was one of the first songs to emerge from then-mysterious Grecian dream-pop duo Keep Shelly In Athens. Since then, they have gone on to dish out a slew of remixes and singles along with a few EPs. And last week, they shared a music video for their still-great single “Our Own Dream” and some tour dates with Jonquil and St. Vincent.

    Today, however, we’re heading all the way back to “A Tear in My Eye” — or “I” as it were — thanks to Tbilisi, Georgia (the country not the state) producer Gacha. It’s usually Keep Shelly that we’re highlighting for their stellar remixes, but this time, they’re the ones getting a facelift. Not only that, but now we have a new producer to look out for. Stream the remix below.