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A Sunny Day in Glasgow: "Ashes Grammar"/"Ashes Maths" (MP3)

Ashes Grammar is the sophomore LP from Philadelphia-based ambient poppers A Sunny Day in Glasgow, and "Ashes Grammar"/"Ashes Maths" is the first advance track from that album, and really the opening volley where the band lets you know that their sophomore LP aims to blast you straight into the heart of a cartoon sun soon, complete with smiley face and a tempeature that doesn't go above 85.


Ashes Grammar is out Sept. 15 on Mis Ojos Discos. Tracklisting is below.


Ashes Grammar:

1. Magna for Annie, Josh, & Robin

2. Secrets at the Prom

3. Slaughter Killing Carnage (the Meaning of Words)

4. Failure

5. Curse Words

6. Close Chorus

7. Shy

8. Lights

9. Passion Introverts (Dinosaurs)

10. West Philly Vocoder

11. Evil, With Evil, Against Evil

12. The White Witch

13. Nitetime Rainbows

14. Canalfish

15. Loudly

16. Blood White

17. Ashes Grammar

18. Ashes Maths

19. Miss My Friends

20. Starting at Disadvantage

21. Life's Great

22. Headphone Space


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A Sunny Day in Glasgow

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