A Song For Ellie Greenwich

    Hungry for a sneak peek at the Parenthetical Girls’ upcoming Entanglements album? Try "A Song For Ellie Greenwich" on for size. Named for the ’60s Brill Building pop singer/songwriter, the tune augurs well for the rest of the album, proving that it’s possible to make modern orchestral pop without sounding too slavishly indebted to the Beach Boys, Zombies, Van Dyke Parks, et al. While the grand orchestral statements of the ’60s are undoubtedly an influence here, the band has assimilated those sounds into something that feels strikingly new. Sure, there’s a tongue-in-cheek quote from Burt Bacharach’s "Close To You" at the top of the tune, but even with its retro-conscious title, "A Song For Ellie Greenwich" seems surprisingly forward-looking.