A Millie Freestyle (MP3)

    Hip-hop’s next big thing, Asher Roth, has joined in on the trend of releasing a freestyle for “A Millie” (off Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III) a few weeks after he put out a hilarious music video criticizing Jay-Z for not signing him.

    At the opening of the track Roth claims the only reason he did the track was because people on his MySpace told him he had to. Considering he was forced, it’s not that bad—it has a lot of funny lines (including a line taking a shot at J.J. Redick, and comparing himself to Wayne Gretzky and Alex Ovechkin).

    But still, it’s roughly the 765th version (this is an estimate) of “A Millie” and I no longer care for the original.


    Asher Roth – A Millie Freestyle


    [Nah Right]