A Day In The Life (Video – Beatles Cover)

    Leave it to Neil Young to find a way to cover that most uncoverable of Beatles songs: "A Day In The Life," the freaky closer off Sgt. Pepper Lonely’s Heart Club Band. To start, Young feeds distortion into the ballad sections of the song like only he can do. As for the crescendoing production elements? He turns them into vintage Young guitar freakouts, which naturally breaks into oblivion the second time around. While he doesn’t go and smash his guitar by the end of the video, I’d like to think he did.


    True, his vocals don’t really match the song—especially the Lennon parts of the song. But in a cover of the Beatles weirdest but most influential track by the hard rockin’ version of Neil Young, you can only complain so much. Not surprisingly, the Dublin crowd couldn’t believe what they were hearing, as the extreme applause mixed with equally extreme bewilderment. Something tells me people at the show were talking about this all weekend. [Stereogum]