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50 Cent: Paper Chaser (MP3)

G-Unit had been relatively quiet in recent months, but this past week a number of new tracks have hit the internet including this snippet from 50 Cent. 

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50 Cent

this track is the realest. someone send me the complete mp3

/site_media/uploads/images/users/yung_daba/yung-daba.jpg yung_daba

Hmmm....a rapper bragging about having money. Now there's originality! I suppose his next set of mind-blowing, though-provoking lyrics will be about his cars, right?

Are you fckuing kidding me?

Steve L

Tracks like this are why Kanye outsold him. That G-Unit album will probably sell less than half of what Curtis did.


man u guysr a joke u don't even no what real rap is. who's ur fav rapper, hurricane chris? gimme a break! 50 is makin more money than all the people in ur city combined :)


50cent IS THE BEST

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif 50cent_dido

Mother fuc%ers think that a rapper makes sumthin up about themselves, nah this here is 4 us, 4 da streets and this track is defenetly street certified!


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