“5%” f. Grand Puba

    A radio rip of this track from KRS-One and DJ Premier’s forthcoming collaborative album, Return of the Boom Bip, has been around for a little while now. But today we get the CD quality version of “5%,” which also appears on Premo’s newly released Year Round Records compilation, Get Used to Us. The track features like-minded Five Percent rapper Grand Puba, of Brand Nubian. And in case you’re wondering if these three guys, who have been around for more than two decades, could still sound fresh: They can. The cut might be somewhat preachy to some of you, especially if you’re blasting Waka Flocka Flame or Gucci Mane in your system, but it’s a strong showing from Premo, KRS, and Puba. And it shows that Return of the Boom Bip has even more potential.


    Download the track below, courtesy of DJ Premier Blog.