“330” (Video)

    Stalley’s newly issued visuals for “330” serve two purposes for the rapper and his awesome-as-ever beard. First, he’s showing love for his hometown of Massillon, Ohio, hence the name of the track — 330 is the area code for northeast Ohio. In addition, today marks the release of Stalley’s first proper retail effort, Lincoln Way Nights.

    You might remember that it dropped earlier this year as a free online album, but, honestly, it was so good that dude deserved to make some scrilla off it. He hasn’t just slapped the album in a jewelcase and called it a day, either. It was mastered by studio wizards Young Guru and Tony Dawsey and it comes with a few new joints. “330” might not be one of them, but it’s still dope and comes with some crisp visuals to boot.

    Watch the “330” video below. You can buy Lincoln Way Nights now on Amazon.