“$200 TB” F. Austin Peralta (Prod. Flying Lotus)

    Unless you live in Japan or copped an import copy of Thundercat’s The Golden Age of Apocalypse, chances are you haven’t heard “$200 TB.” But the bassist/vocalist/composer was well aware of that fact and uploaded the track to his* Soundcloud so the rest of the world could enjoy it. Like many other cuts on the album, “$200 TB” is produced by Brainfeeder boss Flying Lotus. It also features the handiwork of pianist Austin Peralta, a fellow jazz cat who, too, resides within the Brainfeeder collective. Given the players involved, you already know it’s a winner. I mean, just listen to that bass and those keys. Damn. Stream the track below.

    *It’s actually on Flying Lotus’ Soundcloud, but you get the point.