‘1996’ (Mixtape) (Prefix Premiere)

    As you may have learned when we premiered “Daytona 900” on Monday, 1996 is a new project from Kassa Overall and TECLA–together known as Toothpaste–that reimagines some of the year’s classic hip-hop songs. While that track was a spin on Ghostface, the mixtape also makes use of the instrumentals to the Fugees’ “Ready or Not,” Jay-Z’s “Can I Live,” Outkast’s “Elevators” and, thankfully, Ginuwine’s “Pony.”

    There’s also Akinyele’s “Put It In Your Mouth” and interludes featuring–separately, unfortunately–both Bill Clinton and Tupac. Features include Chaz Van Queen–who also appears with the six other guests on “900”–Spaceman Shinobi, Tavi and Big Baby Gandhi. The latter feature, though, is a real standout as Gandhi, Kass and Tec spit three superb verses over Lil Kim’s Hard Core number, “Big Momma Thang.”

    There are a few other surprises, but yeah, 1996 is pretty well stacked. If you’ve got the slightest bit of nostalgia for either the original artists or these beats, do yourself a favor and download the whole thing here and its individual tracks below.