Drake Dudley - 15 Year Old - Future MMA Star?

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Just read about this kid in MMA.tv.


ULTIMO - The Story of Ultimate Drake Dudley from David Hamilton on Vimeo.

Ultimo documents the life of Drake Dudley, a mixed martial arts prodigy from Texas that is receiving national attention. At 15 years old Drake has earned the nickname the "Ultimate" by accomplishing more than most people have in a lifetime. But behind the newspaper articles, trophies, and medals lies a young man with more than just a burning sense of ambition. Drake dons a heart of gold that inspires everybody he meets. At the end of the day Drake becomes more than just a kid doing what he loves, he becomes the standard to which we all aspire to... he becomes ULTIMO.



IRVING, Texas -- Drake Dudley tries to not move his face while his father smears it with Vaseline, but something across the ring is troubling the young fighter.

"He's wearing small gloves," Drake says, his voice distorted by his mouthpiece.

"He's wearing the same ounces as you -- 14s," says his father, Kirk.

Smaller gloves would mean less padding over the other boy's fists.

"Should I circle more or go inside?" Drake asks.

"Try to hold your center of the ring," Kirk says. "Always look for your strength shot."

Drake nods.

The air sits heavy and hot inside the Irving Police Athletic League building, and the activity around the ring is steady and loud. Drake, a mixed martial arts prodigy, is an occasional visiting celebrity. He's been fighting for seven years now, since he started participating in, and usually winning, jiu-jitsu tournaments when he was only 7. Since then, usually during weekends spent hopping from local to national to international tournaments, he has competed in wrestling, Thai boxing, judo, boxing and mixed martial arts. His combined record in those sports is 403-63. But right now, his casual sparring match with Alex, a 13-year-old boxer, is the only thing on his mind.

Kirk knows this will be a test, but this is part of what they do. It's been months since his son



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