Oguchi Onyewu Going to AC Milan

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This is bigger news than any NBA off season move IMO. Especially since he has a real shot at starting. Jozy Altidore will be a Spanish Primera starter in a few years, but for now, this is probably the most impressive Club move for an American soccer player.


For further perspective: not nearly as big as Fed winning 15 slams. Equally as big as Kobayashi getting knocked off again by Chestnut.

by Daba
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I'm so confused by all the soccer coverage lately or news.

I thought no one in America followed or liked soccer, but I swear the other week when the U.S. was making some noise that it's all people were talking about.


I don't know crap about soccer.

by andross
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I saw the Watch the Throne tour, and it was like seeing the moon landing.
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No one actually cares about soccer. They just act like it to seem like non-conformists.
by Al
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I play soccer... I have friends who are all soccer (footy) heads... but I only get into it during international tourneys.

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