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doctor who seasons 1-6 DVD  Plot:The real Amy was closed for a long time to give birth to a child, Dr. Amy was a member. Dr. gathered an army, soldiers not to blade blood saved Amy, but Amy's daughter Miroti was killed, all of this is due to the universe and some of the doctor's fear -- a able to assemble an invincible army. River Song appears, and tells them a shocking secret, he is Miroti. charmed seasons 1-8 DVD  Plot:In San Francisco, disposition three very different sisters reunited to live in childhood. Pu Ru is the boss, have a strong desire to succeed, so make fun of for his little sister Phoebe free love character are very dissatisfied. Piper is the second stand on solid ground, always in the sisters as peacemaker role. Sister Phoebe in the attic to find a book " Diablo book ", and this book has given them a witch, be inspired, though they usually between sisters quarrel with, however, did not stop they established a closer connection to.

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