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 [url=]cold case season 7 dvd[/url] Plot: Lilly reopens a 1990 murder case, in which a prep-school girl was found dead in a local swimming hole, after a present-day victim with similar markings is discovered at the same place. The investigation reveals that the victim of the earlier crime was rou [url=]entourage season 8 dvd[/url] Plot: As the gang anticipates the upcoming premiere for "Aquaman", the search is on for a perfect date for Vince. Meanwhile, Ari tries to cope with financial difficulties and his new office space, which is not quite what he is used to. [url=]damages seasons 1-4 dvd[/url] Plot: Ellen files the High Star case. She also discovers the motive behind Chris' missions after taking his deposition. Meanwhile, Erickson offers Patty a settlement. And Patty searches for Michael.  [url=]dexter seasons 1-6 dvd[/url] Plot: While attending a self-help seminar, Dexter and Lumen vet and stalk a violent killer. Debra gets into some unexpected trouble from the fallout of the Santa Muerte case, forcing Batista to make a difficult decision. [url=]family guy season 10 dvd[/url] Plot: When Peter hears Loretta scream, he tries to help out, but discovers Loretta is cheating on Cleveland. Peter figures out that it was Quagmire and decides to tell Cleveland about it. But when Loretta walks out on Cleveland he doesn't take it lightly.


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