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dexter seasons 1-6 DVD  Plot:The play is adapted from a Geoff novel " the nightmare of Lindsey Deckard Sterling ". The protagonist is Deckard Sterling Morgan of the Miami police department during the day is a happy forensic, but the occupation was a cover for his real identity. When night falls, Deckard Wurster release his heart that bloodthirsty monster, to hunt down those who think they can be still unpunished criminals ... dexter season 6 DVD Plot:Last season's Dexter the biggest difference is most his own heart finally have the location of a person, a entered his inner world, after multiple setbacks and suffering more beat all, from the previous act alone to the common share, so the more adventurous with things to the deep crisis a child audience that heart; lies, suspicion, end, the word crisis continues, and he will be how to deal with the relationship between colleagues and family? And it seems likely exposure of the killer instinct?

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