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3 years ago]sons of anarchy seasons 1-4 DVD Plot:Son of anarchy " takes place in a fictional California town ( Charming ), in the face of drug dealers and large land developers step by step, a black and white two is famous illegal Motorcycle Club revolt -- not only to protect themselves, to protect the town of peace. The heroine of the story of Jax Teller ( Charlie Hunnam plays ) is in a fierce ideological conflict, he is deeply in love with her and his brothers, on the other hand, he also hopes the club get rid thoroughly " illegal " shadow. Other main characters include Jax innate Majesty 's mother and stepfather served as president of the club.]sons of anarchy season 4 DVD Plot:Premiere, see SAMCRO returned to Charming town to start a business, will also respond to the town on a new system of laws and regulations; and Jax ( Charlie Hunnam ) will try to adjust to the leadership in the club while also learn to be a good father. ----------------------------]TV DVD Box Sets]Buy DVDs in DXDVDS

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